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New San Jose Builders : Victoria de Manila For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Typical Unit ₱ 7,400,000 - 14,200,000 41.06 sqm - 69.21 sqm
Combined Unit ₱ 4,000,000 - 8,300,000 30.14 sqm - 55.32 sqm

The Victoria de Manila may not be as luxurious as some of the high-end condominiums in Metro Manila but for the prices that they are selling their residential units for, you are actually getting a great deal.

Not only are you getting a spacious living space, you also get to live inside one of the busiest and most exciting neighborhoods in the City of Manila. You are literally walking distance away from every conceivable services that you can imagine. You are also almost next door neighbors to a huge shopping mall. There are also plenty of schools and universities just blocks away from the condominium. The hospitals are just a short taxi cab away and the important government offices and services are never more than half an hour away from your new home. The fact that Victoria de Manila is this accessible is more than enough reason for most people to want to move in immediately.

The building amenities themselves are not too shabby. The Victoria de Manila promotes healthy living to all its residents and it is most noticeable in the amenities it provides. There is a full-sized, indoor, hardwood floored basketball court, a full-sized tennis court, and a couple of badminton courts, all located inside the condominium’s amenities floor. There is also a regulation-length lap pool that you can use for training or just to lounge around in. In addition, there is a complete and modern fitness center that can actually rival most commercial gyms in terms of equipment and services.

Because the Victoria de Manila offers affordable condominium living, it is not a surprise that many people have already invested in residential units while still at the pre-selling stage. If you want to get your hands on an apartment yourself, you need to act quickly as the number of available units are quickly going down.

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